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Rich Salz-3

Hello.  This is an automated email; sorry if it's an intrusion or you
think it's spam. We are closing old RT tickets that, frankly, we are
unlikely to ever get to.  For more details, see

Anyhow, you reported the following tickets which we are going to close.
If you still think it is important for us to consider, please open an
issue on GitHub.  Don't be shy!  We are closing issues based purely
on the date, and the fact that despite several passes through our RT
tickets, we haven't closed them yet.  Replies to this email will go to
the openssl-dev list.

Thanks very much for all your (prior) interest in OpenSSL, and we're
sorry we couldn't get around to fixing everything in a reasonable time.
We hope this action will give us better focus on what's important.

2880:  Modification of the capi engine to support loading key from CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_LOCAL_MACHINE
2902:  [PATCH] add strings for SSL state related to Next Protocol Negotiation
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