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OpenSSL Developer Needed

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Good Afternoon All,

I hope you’re well.

I came across OpenSSL Foundation when looking for a suitable consultant for my client, and I was wondering if someone could potentially be of assistance.

I am currently seeking an expert OpenSSL Developer with a strong knowledge of Linux and also an encryption specialist to work for one of my clients that are looking to build a layer of encryption to interface with the quantum encryption chip that they are currently designing.

This role is very unique and interesting, and my client is happy for the successful person to work from home so relocation wouldn’t be needed.

This isn’t a role that I work on regularly so I am sorry if this comes across in an unprofessional manner, but perhaps we could talk with the view to get a better understanding of each other’s situation?

Would be great if we could talk.

Kind regards,

Rees Bettell.