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OnReceive() not getting called

  I have an FTPServer application developed using CAysncSocket, which
is running quite well from the past 4 years.
  I have added SSL support to this application recently.
  This is how my application works exactly.
   A connection is established from a client. 
   Once the connection (command socket) is established, a thread is
created and the socket is transferred into the thread. 
   Then a set of commands are transferred between the client and the
server (My app) 
   Then another socket is created, (data socket), in which the actual
data or files is tansferred. 
   The connection for both the sockets are established successfully.
The SSL handshake also happens correctly. 
   When I am trying to transfer the file in the data socket, a portion
of the data is transferred successfully and socket is timedout aborting
the data transfer. 
   When I have debugged the application I have found that
MySocket::OnReceive() is not getting called, where I have put a breakpoint. 
   Note: SSL connection is done seperately for both the sockets.
  Can any one please help why this is happening or how I can make the
OnReceive() fn get called so that my data is transferred completely.
  Thanks in Advance.

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