'OPENSSLDIR' undeclared in openssl 1.1.1g

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'OPENSSLDIR' undeclared in openssl 1.1.1g

prudvi raj

I couldn't find where this macro is #defined  , previously in 1.0.2 it was defined in opensslconf.h . 
So , i am getting this error during compilation : openssl/crypto/x509/x509_def.c:17:12: error: 'OPENSSLDIR' undeclared (first use in this function)   .

This error is resolved if OPENSSLDIR is #defined in opensslconf.h as /usr/local/ssl (default btw).

Can someone help me out with this? , why the OPENSSLDIR isn't #defined in any .h files or was i missing something?

Used : ./Configure no-threads no-dso no-shared no-zlib no-asm no-engine no-bf no-camellia no-cast no-md2 no-md4 no-mdc2 no-ocsp no-rc2 no-rc5 no-hw no-idea no-srp gcc --with-rand-seed=none