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Hi All,


Once upon a time in the 0.98 timeframe, when I first configured OpenSSL as a test OCSP server, using the format -port 8888 worked. This format however stopped working when version 1.0 was released. After living inside Google like Jeff Bridges in Tron, it came to light that the format needed to be -port at which point the OCSP server was resurrected. Now with version 1.1 uses the v1.0 format it returns the message:

ocsp: Can't parse "" as an octal number

ocsp: Non-positive number "" for -port

ocsp: Use -help for summary.

error in ocsp


Falling back to the v0.98 format, that is going back to -port 8888, allows the server to start, and the message “Waiting for OCSP client connections...” is displayed. The problem is, the client can’t make the connection and the OCSP process times out. This all leads up to the question, has anyone been able to get version 1.1 to act as an OCSP server using the -port option?






Description: Description: cid:977323607@08042008-1EBD


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