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Mikey-Sakke utility library

Olaf Alejandro Bergengruen
Hi OpenSSL experts,

I am working on a test system for MCPTT and need to build a C library with Mikey-Sakke functionality:

  - Generate public key for SAKKE (RFC 6508, 6509)
  - Generate receiver secret key (RSK) for SAKKE
  - Generate encapsulated data for SAKKE exchange (RFC 6508)
  - Extract SAKKE key from encapsulated data
  - Generate KMS public authentication key (KPAK) for ECCSI (RFC 6507)

  - Generate SSK,PVTpair  (RFC 6507)
  - Sign message according to RFC 6507
  - Verify signature according to RFC 6507

Do you know whether there are already open source packages (or example source code) implementing these functionality?

Thanks for any hints,
Olaf Bergengruen