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Looking for Christophe Renou

Matt Caswell-2
Hi all

As many of you know we are looking to change the licence for OpenSSL to
the Apache Licence. To do that we are trying to trace all previous

We have a small number of people left to find. See:


Of these one stands out as being a particularly large commit. We are
very keen to track down one of the authors of this commit:

<[hidden email]>
    57 +5105 -602 edc032b5 2011-03-12 Add SRP support.


If anyone can help us find Christophe that would be much appreciated.

Please send any information you might have on how we can contact
Christophe (or any of the other people in the above trying-to-find list)
to [hidden email] (please don't reply to this list).


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