Issue with EVP_sha256 and Tspi_Context_CreateObject

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Issue with EVP_sha256 and Tspi_Context_CreateObject

Swamy J-S



Earlier with openssl 1.0.2n version, I was using EVP_sha256 for creating Certificate Signing Request  and TSS_HASH_OTHER” flag in Tspi_Context_CreateObject.


Recently I upgraded openssl to 1.1.0g version and now am getting “Signature Verify Failure” in my CSR. I have attached the screenshot here


If I use EVP_sha1 and TSS_HASH_SHA1, then I am able to generate certificate but if it fails in TLS Handshake with my HTTPS Server.


Are there any changes in openssl engine structure with respect to Signing and private key encryption in openssl 1.1.0?

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