Independent review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 (Cth), call for information for submission as a case study from the openssl community.

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Independent review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 (Cth), call for information for submission as a case study from the openssl community.


Currently down here in the land down under, the Defence Trade Controls
Act 2012 (Cth) is currently under going an independent review by Dr
Vivian Thom AM. Responses by stake holders is due by close of business,
31st of May, 2018 as per the guidelines and submission requirements set
out @

[ That includes the DSGL listing of cryptology as 'Duel-Use' technology



The Defence Trade Controls Act introduced offences which commenced
operation on 2 April 2016 for the unauthorised supply, and in certain
instances publication, of defence technology, and for the brokering of
defence goods and technology without a permit. The Act also provided for
a review of its operation to begin as soon as possible after 2 April
The review will include an assessment of whether the Act is fit for
purpose, particularly whether it adequately safeguards national defence
capability and prevents trade and collaboration that could unwittingly
advance the military capabilities of potential adversaries. The Review
will also identify gaps in the Act’s controls, any unintended
consequences arising from the Act, such as unnecessary regulatory
burden, and other relevant matters.


Interested parties are invited to submit written comment during the
consultation period. The closing date for submissions is 31 May 2018.

While submissions may be made electronically or by post, electronic
lodgement is preferred.

Submissions will be published on this website as they are received.
Comments on submissions can be made to Dr Thom by email to
[hidden email]

All information (including name and address details) contained in
submissions will be uploaded to this website and publicly available,
unless you indicate you would like all or part of your submission to
remain in confidence. Automatically generated confidentiality statements
in emails do not suffice for this purpose. Respondents who would like
all or part of their submission to remain in confidence should provide
this information marked as such in a separate attachment. The
Secretariat may edit submissions before publishing where they contain
offensive material.

The Department is required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act
1982 (FOI Act) and any submissions provided for the review may be the
subject of an FOI request. The FOI Act includes various exemptions for
disclosing information, including where material was provided in
confidence or where it constitutes personal information. All requests
for access to submissions will be handled in accordance with the FOI


FooCrypt is current finalising a submission as per the request to stake
holders containing a number of high level case studies regarding
'FooCrypt,0.0.1,Core | FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical

This is an informal request to the openssl community to see if other
community members have experienced issues which could be included in a
case study along with our response into Dr Thom.

If any members of the openssl community wish to provide information for
a case study submission via the FooCrypt submission, please do so by
close of business [ 17:30 hours ], 30th of May, 2018 AEST, so that a
summarised overview of the attachments can be performed.

Please note that it is the intent to provide the information in an 'as
is' state from what we receive via email.

Please provide a pdf document containing the information you wish to
pass onto Dr Thom.

Each pdf document will be summarised as a simple table of index.

          Author : Date : Location : Document Number.

Obfuscation of any identifiable details is acceptable in your

Response can be submitted to : [hidden email] or
[hidden email]



Mark A. Lane

[hidden email]

FooCrypt,0.0.1,Core @

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