How to compile OpenSSL 1.1.0f under QNX6.5?

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How to compile OpenSSL 1.1.0f under QNX6.5?

I am developing QNX software using QNX Momentics Tool Suite.
Momentics Tool Suite is installed on my Window7 system, and Neutrino RTOS
6.5 system runs on the target IPC ( Industrial Personal Computer ).

Now I need to use openssl 1.1.0f in my program. I download the OpenSSL
source code from
In OpenSSL compilation guide, OpenSSL library seems to have to be compiled
via command line. Configure first, then make.

I found this, QNX 6.5 OpenSSL Build
This page seems to use command line to compile openssl too.

But in my situation, no command line is used. How can I create a command
line environment to compile openssl in my current situation?
Or, can I compile openssl library by QNX Momentics IDE?


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