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Help With CipherSpecs

Lesley Kimmel-2
Hi All!

I'm not an expert, by any means, with cipher suites, etc. I am working with an HTTPD server where I am not able to set the server/kernel to FIPS mode nor am I able to set the HTTPD server (openssl) to FIPS mode. However, I am able to modify the SSLCipherSuite directive.

Doing some playing around with the 'openssl ciphers' command I was able to determine that:

openssl ciphers 'FIPS:!aNULL'

Seems to be equivalent to: 'OPENSSL_FIPS=1 openssl ciphers'

I sort of stumbled on this based on a couple forums that I found. It seems the 'FIPS' alias for the Cipherspec is undocumented but appears to work.

Can anyone validate if this seems correct?

Also, I gather that the cipherspec is not all that is limited by using FIPS mode. Are there any other settings of httpd that I might set to better approximate FIPS mode?


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