Help - Building OpenSSL FIPS for 64 bit Android

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Help - Building OpenSSL FIPS for 64 bit Android

Rakesh Parihar
Hi All,

I am seeking help on generating FIPS compliance OpenSSL libs for Android Native Application. 
I am trying to build openssl-1.0.2t with the FIPS module openssl-fips-2.0.16 to support 64-bit android devices, I have tried following the steps on the Openssl wiki <> and didn't found any specific verson dependency for 64bit support for android with FIPS.
I also tried using a script <> found on GitHub that combines the building of the FIPS module and Openssl, I seem to be having issues with this as well. I have tried with many Openssl and FIPS versions to build for 64bit but not luck. 
Any pointers regarding the 64bit supported version of Openssl and FIPS module for Andorid and any help in building a FIPS compliant Openssl would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Rakesh Parihar 

Sr. Software Engineer 

[hidden email]
Ahmedabad, IN