Fingerprint mismatch only for 32-bit FIPS binary

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Fingerprint mismatch only for 32-bit FIPS binary

Dipak B

Appreciate any help on the following.

1) Built static binaries of FIPS capable OSSL which statically link to the windows runtime.

2) Consumed these binaries (libeaycompat32.lib, libeayfips32.lib and ssleay32.lib) into myapp.dll using


1) FIPS mode gets set and working with 64-bit myapp.dll

2) But for 32-bit myapp.dll with same configuration, FIPS_mode_set() fails with reason 111 (Fingerprint mismatch)

Tried following

Since above 32-bit myapp.dll did not work, some additional configuration changes were made.

1) ReBuilt FIPS capable OSSL with additional LFLAGS of "/DynamicBase:No /Fixed".

2) ReBuilt 32-bit myapp.dll with above additional LFLAGS

But 32-bit myapp DLL does fail with fingerprint mismatch.


1) How do I get 32-bit myapp.dll working in FIPS mode?
FIPS_mode_set() returns
(100:error:2D06B06F:lib(45):func(107): reason (111):/FIPS/FIPS.c:232)

2) Why does "nmake -f nt.mak install" not copy "libeaycompat32.lib"? Is this simply dropped because of EOL of FOM?

3) Are additional LFLAGS required ?