Failures building 0.9.8 (final) on Win32/masm/nt_dll

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Failures building 0.9.8 (final) on Win32/masm/nt_dll

[For dev@httpd's information as well, since this is a hot
topic this week.]

There is a mismatch between the asn1.h and asn1t.h declarations for
const ASN1_ITEM XX_it objects, the fix is trivial;

--- crypto/asn1/asn1t.h.orig Sat Apr 23 06:45:49 2005
+++ crypto/asn1/asn1t.h Thu Jul 07 10:06:41 2005
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
 /* Macros for start and end of ASN1_ITEM definition */
 #define ASN1_ITEM_start(itname) \
- OPENSSL_GLOBAL const ASN1_ITEM itname##_it = {
+ OPENSSL_EXTERN const ASN1_ITEM itname##_it = {
 #define ASN1_ITEM_end(itname) \

The 0.9.8 release tarball is missing ms/version.rc - which
is generated from ./Configure.  Silly obviously, since win32
users mostly perform ms/do_xxx.bat configurations :-/

Workaround: copy the text from Configure (search for ms/version.rc),
            substitue '0,9,8,0' for the occurances of '$v1,$v2,$v3,$v3',
            substitute '0.9.0' for $version, and '\0' for occurances of '\\0'

We are missing the declaration of pqueue_print when PQ_64BIT_IS_INTEGER
is zero/undef.  Because it is defined in pqueue.h - the util/
will pick this up.  (FYI, on win32 and win64, 64 bits != sizeof(int)).

Workaround: remove the pqueue_print line from ms/libeay32.def
            after running do_xxx.bat