Facing problems with openssl-1.1.1c & later versions

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Facing problems with openssl-1.1.1c & later versions

Sharma, Tanuj [AUTOSOL/FMP/IN]

Hi, There,


I am new to openSSL and currently working on integrating openSSL libraries in our product which has linux-ppc platform. We have an old version of kernel in our product i.e. I want to integrate lighttpd with openSSL for HTTPS support. When I use openSSL-1.1.1b or older version then I can connect to my device using HTTPS. But when I move to openSSL version 1.1.1c or higher, then HTTPS is not working. At this point in time, I don’t think there is an issue with lighttpd package or my config file since everything is working with older version of openSSL.


I want to ask how can I debug this issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have spent couple of weeks now on this issue but not able to move forward.


Thanks for your support in advance.


Best regards,

Tanuj Sharma | Micro Motion – USM Products

[hidden email]

W: http://www.eicpune.emrsn.org/