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FW: Code health tuesday is back!

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A reminder: After a short summer vacation, our biweekly code health Tuesday is back!

Our topic this time is … documentation.

There have been many updates to the manpages in the past few weeks, typo fixes, additional clarifications, and so on.  We hope that folks will be emboldened to help fill in the gaps, but any PR to make things better will help.

Please submit your fixes by Tuesday; if you can’t add a label, put ‘code health’ somewhere in the commit message.  Please have a CLA on file; if your commit is trivial and not copyrightable, put “CLA: trivial” in the commit message.  If you have a whole bunch of trivial fixes, put them in one PR (separate commits if you want).  Make sure any changes pass find-doc-nits (a script in util).  You can also use that script to list places where documentation is missing:

       ; ./util/find-doc-nits -u | fgrep '#'
       # Found 4373 in util/libcrypto.num
       # Found 1724 missing from util/libcrypto.num
       # Found 464 in util/libssl.num
       # Found 64 missing from util/libssl.num
       # Checking macros (approximate)
       # Found 246 macros missing (not all should be documnted)

Thanks for all your help in improving OpenSSL!

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