FIPS_mod_set() fails with reason 111 (Do_Dsa_Sign())

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FIPS_mod_set() fails with reason 111 (Do_Dsa_Sign())

Dipak B

Can anyone help me with following?

1) Calling FIPS_mode_set() from inside a DLL just after SSL_library_init() fails with

2) This DLL links to
a] static libraries (libeay, libssl, libcompat)from FIPS capable OpenSSL.

b] static libcurl which is again prepared using above static FIPS capable OpenSSL 

c] Includes fips_premain.c and preprocessor directive of HMACSHA=checksum of itself

3)This is done in order to achieve FIPS compliance for a windows service which loads above DLL for all its communications.

4) What am I missing? 

5) Do I need to rebase the DLL to an address as per If yes, what would be input linker parameters to

Appreciate your input on this.

Thank you.