[FIPS] is EVP_des_ede_ecb permitted ?

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[FIPS] is EVP_des_ede_ecb permitted ?

Akshar Kanak
Dear team
     In FIPS mode is the cipher "EVP_des_ede_ecb" permitted or not ?

If i check the openssl.org fipscansitor code then in the file fips_des_selftest.c , I can see that the self test for only EVP_des_ede3_ecb is being done .

In Centos openssl code (openssl-1.0.2k-19.el7.src.rpm) , in the file fips_des_selftest.c , function FIPS_selftest_des() I can see that the self test for both EVP_des_ede_ecb and EVP_des_ede3_ecb .

Thanks and regards