FINGERPRINT_premain() not getting called

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FINGERPRINT_premain() not getting called

Dipak B

Appreciate any help on following.

In continuation with email sent earlier, for me FINGERPRINT_premain() is not getting called after failure of FIPS_mode_set().

My 32bit application (Myapp32.exe) uses myFips32.dll which statically links to FIPS capable openssl and statically to windows runtime.

On running myapp32.exe, FIPS_mode_set() inside fips32.dll fails with fingerprint mismatch error 111.
 The function FIPS_check_incore_fingerprint(void) calculates incore fingerprint properly but hash embedded using fips_premain.c is read as empty from virtual memory.

For same configuration, 64bit app and it's corresponding 64bit DLL, enters fips mode successfully.

Thank you.