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Dynamic engine loading problem

Sara Fonseca
Hello All,

I have 2 questions on engines(using OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005,
compiled with default options in a Fedora Core 3):

1) Shouldn't the built-in engines be avaible at the command line tool
openssl? When i check the /usr/local/ssh/lib/engines , it is empty!
So, i get this message:

 /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl speed -engine atalla
can't use that engine
13011:error:25066067:DSO support routines:DLFCN_LOAD:could not load
the shared library:dso_dlfcn.c:162:filename(libatasi.so): libatasi.so:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
13011:error:25070067:DSO support routines:DSO_load:could not load the
shared library:dso_lib.c:244:
13011:error:82066069:atalla engine:ATALLA_INIT:not loaded:e_atalla.c:364:
13011:error:260B806D:engine routines:ENGINE_TABLE_REGISTER:init
Doing md2 for 3s on 16 size blocks:

2) I followed the steps on README.ENGINE to build dyn_atalla.so from
e_atalla.o and tried to use the dynamic engine with atalla. Turns out
I can't load it. I get the following error:

 /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl engine dynamic -pre
SO_PATH:./openssl-0.9.8a/engines/dyn_atalla.so -pre ID:atalla -pre
(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
[Success]: SO_PATH:./openssl-0.9.8a/engines/dyn_atalla.so
[Success]: ID:atalla
[Failure]: LOAD
10591:error:2506406A:DSO support routines:DLFCN_BIND_FUNC:could not
bind to the requested symbol
./openssl-0.9.8a/engines/dyn_atalla.so: undefined symbol: bind_engine
10591:error:2506C06A:DSO support routines:DSO_bind_func:could not bind
to the requested symbol name:dso_lib.c:294:
10591:error:260B6068:engine routines:DYNAMIC_LOAD:DSO failure:eng_dyn.c:463:


I would be glad to receive any help! Thanks

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