Duplicate X509_STORE_CTX / X509_STORE

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Duplicate X509_STORE_CTX / X509_STORE

hagai yaffe-2

I wanted to ask if there is an openssl functionality to duplicate X509_STORE_CTX / X509_STORE (I am using openssl 0.9.7d)? I have a looked and haven’t found functions to perform this, do I need to do this myself? I need to duplicate these object because that I want different threads to use different   X509_STORE_CTX / X509_STORE objects and I want to avoid creating them and loading CA's certificates (needed for client certificate verification) from files on every logon, I would rather do this once and then duplicate the X509_STORE_CTX for each thread (save the IO of reading from files).

If there are such functions or if someone has already handled this issue and could guide me to finding a solution I would be most obliged.

Hagai Yaffe.

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