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Gayathri Sundar-2

Have a small doubt on how the application needs to "react" for an
SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. What do I have to do when I actually attempted
an SSL_READ and endedup with that error code, now should the operation
need to be retried based on "errno" or should this be regarded
as a "fatal"?

If it needs to be retried based on errno, could you pls tell for
what set of values?

The mail problem I am facing is wrt to performance, when I pump
heavy https traffic say from smartbits, more than 30% is dropped
because of this return value, happening from SSL_accept to SSL_read and
SSL_Write as rite now I am treating this as a fatal.
This is a serious performance blow and any help is deeply appreciated.

Probably I am missing something else coz of which I am getting this
particular error code (invariably errno = 5 when ssl returns with


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