Does datastructures free'd by ERR_remove_state grow?

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Does datastructures free'd by ERR_remove_state grow?

Krishna M Singh
Hi all

I'm working on implementing HTTPS support for a server that is expected to run 24x7.

I have a question related to the memory leaks. Do these automatically allocated data structures
that are freed with ERR_remove_state() grow?

My system has threads that tend to live a very long time. If they do, what's the recommended way
of cleaning them up so they don't hog memory? I have no problem with calling ERR_remove_state() at
the end of each thread, but if they do grow with time, then I have a problem.

Also, is there a problem if I call ERR_remove_state() several times? Or if I call it to a thread
that hasn't used any OpenSSL functions?

Thanks for your time.

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