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Code Health Tuesday -- testing!

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Participate in the second Code Health Tuesday (Mar 14th)


Hi OpenSSL developers!


In our continuing quest to improve code quality and pay our technical debt, our second Code Health Tuesday is focused on testing.


We declare this Tuesday (Mar 14th) Code Health Tuesday. We’ll be setting some time aside to improve our codebase by adding tests, fixing things found by static analysis or various "sanitizers," and so on.  We invite you all to participate on Github!


One easy way to participate is to add sample files that test corner-cases of our X.509, etc., parsing.




Q: How do I participate?

A: Once you've developed your test or fix, create a Github pull request and put “code health” in the title. We’ll be monitoring Github for quick turnaround.


Q: Which branches should I target?

A: Although our first preference is master, test for 1.0.2 our LTS release are also good.


Q: Do you have any tools to help?

A: We have a coverage report: We also run regular Coverity tests; those currently require registration, but we'll soon be posting them to one of our public mailing lists.


Q: Will you do it again?

A: This is our second one, so maybe it's a trend :)  We have a list of ideas for themed Tuesdays lined up: Document, Test, Refactor, ...




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