Code Health Tuesday: results and next event (March 14th)

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Code Health Tuesday: results and next event (March 14th)

Emilia Käsper-2
Hi developers,

Here's a summary of our Code Health Tuesday. The team and contributors created 37 pull requests ( We removed ca 4000 lines of code: entire dead files, duplicate tests, workarounds for no-longer-supported platforms, and optimizations that no longer matter. Thanks everyone who participated!

We're pretty excited about this outcome so we'll do it again in two weeks' time (March 14th). I'm thinking we should continue with the "coverage" theme but broaden the focus from simply deleting useless code to really analyzing why something isn't covered, and adding missing tests where appropriate.

Meanwhile, you can keep those pull requests coming every day! Feel free to continue to flag cleanup pulls with "code health", to draw our attention.

Thank you!


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