Cannot get openssl-1.0.1c into fips mode

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Cannot get openssl-1.0.1c into fips mode

I have the exact issue as this link:


I am trying to build a static shared library using windows win32. following the same exact steps. I built fips fine and all self test worked.  


I am using Visual studio sdk 2010 sp1 the same as Jacob


Opening the VS SDK command line then entered commands:


setenv /x86 /2008 /Release


set target_platform=x86


set path=%path%;C:\"Program Files (x86)"\nasm

set FIPSDIR=\dev\BMAX\external\openssl-1.0.1c\windows\fips-2.0


perl Configure VC-WIN32 fips enable-static-engine -DENABLE-CAPIENG



I did the following changes as Dr. Henson suggested:  LFLAGS= /fixed /DYNAMICBASE:No


nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak


from openssl or calling  it from the shared dll I get:

C:\dev\BMAX\common\testCertMgrAPI\Debug>openssl md5 ..\capi_debug.log

912:error:2D06B06F:FIPS routines:FIPS_check_incore_fingerprint:fingerprint does not match:.\fips\fips.c:229:



Ken Montagna