CRL issuer does not match CA subject

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CRL issuer does not match CA subject

Aram Akhavan


I'm creating a small PKI following the guide here:

The intermediate CA cert is created with:
openssl ca -config $ROOT_CONF -extensions v3_intermediate_ca -days 3650 -notext -md sha256

If I then dump the cert, I see that subject line is
Subject: C = us, ST = ca, O = test, CN = intermediate CA

I then create the CRL using:
openssl ca -config $INTRMDT_CONF -gencrl -out  $INTRMDT_CRL

When I dump the CRL, though, the issuer is
Issuer: /C=us/ST=ca/O=test/CN=intermediate ca

When I put my certificate through, it complains that the CRL issuer and intermediate CA subject don't match byte for byte.

Is there a way to have both generated with the same formatting? I looked through my configuration files and couldn't find anything that would explain the difference. I think it works anyways, but it would be nice to have them match...

Best regards,