Building OpenSSL for EFI

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Building OpenSSL for EFI

Caswell, Paul

Hello list,

I would like (need) to get OpenSSL working in the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) environment (a pre-boot environment).  I am able to setup a TCP connection from the EFI environment to the outside world using the Tianocore EFI Toolkit – this toolkit provides a BSD like API for sockets together with LibC.  The EFI development environment is essentially the Visual Studio X64 compiler (on Windows) and I could do with a steer, if anyone has an inkling, on whether it’s possible to build OpenSSL for this platform and if so where should I start?   How do I configure OpenSSL etc? If I’ve asked this question in the wrong forum then apologies, if not then all help is welcome.




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Re: Building OpenSSL for EFI

Lee Fisher
 > I would like (need) to get OpenSSL working in the EFI [...]

In the EDK-2, this directory:


showd you how to patch, configure, and build OpenSSL in the EDK-2
environment. Also look in some nearby include directories for OpenSSL
headers and install scripts.

AFAIK, besides this list, the only other place to talk about UEFI
OpenSSL issues would be on the EDK-2 list. There are a few
OpenSSL-related msgs on the EDK-2 list; That list is on YahooGroups,
which has suboptimal archives; but in the last few months, someone setup mirrors of most of the EDK-2 lists.


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