Building 0.9.8 libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll files using MSYS / MINGW

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Building 0.9.8 libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll files using MSYS / MINGW

Chris G.
I have been able to build the subject dlls after modifing Configure to
remove line 910 [$IsMK1MF=1 if ($target eq "mingw" && ^O ne
"cygwin");] (as suggested in a different thread by Doug Kaufman).
However the .dlls don't seem to work.  I am using them with stunnel
4.09 and everytime I try to establish a connection to the box with the
new dlls installed -- stunnel crashes.  The DrWatson error log
indicates some type of access violation.   Stunnel itself doesn't show
any errors.  I can compile then create .dll files that work with
stunnel using 0.9.7g -- but 0.9.8 fails everytime.  Here are the steps
I am doing:

Under Msys:

perl util/ 32 libeay > ms/libeay32.def
perl util/ 32 ssleay > ms/ssleay32.def

 ./Configure mingw

Then I have to copy several *.h and * .c files into include/openssl
and test directories respectively due to the inabilty of msys and/or
mingw to support links.


Then once make completes I execute:

dllwrap --dllname libeay32.dll --output-lib libeay32.a --def
ms/libeay32.def libcrypto.a -lwsock32 -lgdi32

dllwrap --dllname libssl32.dll --output-lib libssl32.a --def
ms/ssleay32.def libssl.a libeay32.a

This creates the 2 .dll files and once they are copied to the client
and stunnel restarted everything looks normal -- until I tried to
connect then stunnel crashes.

Any ideas/hints would be appreciated.

-- Chris
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