Application tags with ASN.1 template engine

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Application tags with ASN.1 template engine

Oleg Stepanenko
Hello, everybody!

I'm trying to use OpenSSL ASN.1 template API (from asn1t.h) to parse ASN.1 objects in my application. The thing is that I have to use application tags instead of default ones:


and the macros (like ASN1_SEQUENCE) don't seem to provide app tags params, or at least I can't get how to do it.

The macro IMPLEMENT_ASN1_FUNCTIONS seems to make use of ASN1_item_d2i which in turn calls ASN1_item_ex_d2i passing -1 as tag. 

So how do I define Foo parsing functions so that they could regognize the struct by the app tag 13? Should I simply manually tweak generated templates?  What member do I change, then? Can I just reassign the tag member of the template? How do I specify that this is application tag, not universal?

Thank you in advance.

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