Any hint of a port for IBM iSeries OS/400

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Any hint of a port for IBM iSeries OS/400

Hi: we're looking at our options for using OpenSSL in the IBM iSeries (AKA
AS400) environment.  We already run on a bunch of *nix, Win, and z/OS hosts,
and we are being asked about support for some of our second tier OS's.  

Is there anyone who knows of any work being done porting OpenSSL to the
native OS/400 OS environment?  We know that OpenSSH and OpenSSL are used in
the AIX-embedded subsystem (called 'PASE') of the iSeries platform (supports
native RS6000 binaries AFAIK).  

But our application runs in the native OS/400 environment, and we do not
want to cross over into the AIX-embedded subsystem.  We're looking at doing
the OS/400 port ourselves, or some other technical solution.  

This is cross-posted on a number of midrange computing lists.

Thanks a bunch for any answers, and for your tolerance of this mail if
you're not interested.

Dave McLellan - Consulting Software Engineer
Storage Platforms, Enablers, and Applications
EMC Corporation
228 South St.
Hopkinton MA 01748
phone: 508-249-1257
fax 508-497-8030

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