ASN1 Sequence unpack problem

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ASN1 Sequence unpack problem

Enis Arif

I have a problem with sequence unpacking. Given the
following code

st = ASN1_seq_unpack_ASN1_TYPE(asn1->get_data(),
asn1->get_len(), d2i_ASN1_TYPE, ASN1_TYPE_free);

if I call
at = sk_ASN1_TYPE_value (st, 0)
I get the sequence members, but already decomposed;
e.g, if the first member of the sequence is an octet
string, I get the 0x04 type, and in the octet-string
member of the union I find the actual value of the
octet string, without the tags.

What I need is to obtain the sequence members in
encoded form, and to handle the decoding for each
member afterwards. Is there any way I can do this? I
tried different ASN1_* macros, but with no results.

Thank you for your time

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