[ANN] M2Crypto 0.28.1 ... now PYTHON 3 compatible!!!!

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[ANN] M2Crypto 0.28.1 ... now PYTHON 3 compatible!!!!

Matěj Cepl
Hi, everybody,

after a way too long time I have finally version of M2Crypto
working BOTH with Python 2.6 and 2.7 and with versions of Python
from 3.3 up.

Certainly the biggest feature of this release that we are finally
compatible both with py2k (Python 2.6 and 2.7) and py3k (from
Python 3.3 up). YAY!!! Let us celebrate!!!

There were also some other improvements:

  * building on Mac OS X should be now more reliable and
  * Fix licence in metadata: it is MIT, not BSD
  * Fix and add tests for SWIG/_aes.i module (the module was non-
functional since its creation in 2004!)
  * Bundle-in unittest2 for Python 2.6 (dealing with the need for
specific version of unittest2 package was too complicated)
  * Remove all PGP modules (nobody used them, and they were very
complicated and brittle).

I have also created special email list for development of
M2Crypto. Its web page is http://redcrew.org/mailman/listinfo/m2c
rypto and it is mailman with the posting address [hidden email]
edcrew.org so all email commands work.

All complaints, support requests, and bug reports are welcome in
the email list or on the issue tracker https://gitlab.com/m2crypt

Happy security hacking!

https://matej.ceplovi.cz/blog/, Jabber: [hidden email]
GPG Finger: 3C76 A027 CA45 AD70 98B5  BC1D 7920 5802 880B C9D8
Don't anthropomorphize computers.  They don't like it.
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