0.9.8 on OS X (Tiger) (10.4.1)

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0.9.8 on OS X (Tiger) (10.4.1)

Joseph Oreste Bruni
I seem to be having some build problems. I'll describe what's happening below. I'm trying to install
openssl 0.9.8 onto OS X 10.4.1. I have the Xcode 2.1 tools installed.

Firstly, I downloaded the tarball using "curl" to make sure that Safari wasn't causing me any grief. The installed
curl is 7.13.1.

Second, I verified the MD5 checksum and confirmed that it's the same as reported on the web site

While untarring the file, I received the following notice: tar: "A lone zero block at 31800". The version of tar
supplied with OS X is GNU tar (1.14).

I then performed the "./config shared" which seemed to be okay. "make" and "make test" performed without
any errors.

During "make install" however, the installation bombed while installing "engines".

I've attached a typescript of the session.

typescript.gz (43K) Download Attachment