0.9.8 config: UnixWare7 & OpenServer 6

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0.9.8 config: UnixWare7 & OpenServer 6

Tim Rice

I was looking over the UnixWare bits in config and it looks
like it could be simplified (a little) and at the same time
add support for OpenServer 6.

Since OpenUNIX is really UnixWare 7.1.2 and OpenServer 6 uses
the UnixWare kernel and SVR5 ABI/API we can have a single
unixware-7 target for all three.

The "uname -X | grep Release" on OpenServer 6 givs us "Release = 5v6.0.0"
so we'll need    5|5v6*) at about line 87.

Then we can scrap lines 96 and 97 in favor of
        x[678]*)  echo "i586-sco-unixware7"; exit 0 ;;

Then down at about line 678 we can combine (and enhance) the

*-*-[Uu]nix[Ww]are7) OUT="unixware-7"; options="$options no-sse2" ;;
cases into something that looks like this
        if [ "$CC" = "gcc" ]; then
          OUT="unixware-7-gcc" ; options="$options no-sse2"
          OUT="unixware-7" ; options="$options -no-sse2 -D__i386__"

See "Undefined symbol OPENSSL_ia32cap_P" thread for why I've added -D__i386__

Tim Rice Multitalents (707) 887-1469
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